Jet: The Impression of Vinyl Walls

See how we transformed the JET Headquarters in Hoboken, as we implemented custom designed vinyl acting as the saving grace for the blank walls that stood before us.


JET, a large online retailer, came to us to design, produce and install a new look for their Hoboken, New Jersey headquarters. They wanted something memorable to capture the spirit of their company and we were delighted to take on the challenge!


Our team crafted a solution that helped to exude Jet's iconic purple brand color, with added playfulness and professionalism to create a memorable space for their employees and clients. We sourced materials in a variety of textures to create a unified look with an added level of variation. Taking a look back, here is our production crew hard at work installing our graphics!


With much success, we produced a beautifully flushed out environmental design for Jet. Colorful walls mixed with rich purples and a clean, modern office space came together to create an experience that's memorable and unique.

Julia Kim