A new Happy socks truck is making its way down the streets of New York.

Experiential Design


Create an eclectic and functional retail environment that entices consumers to not only stop in but also participate in this interactive experience.

Translation: Add an authetic wow factor to an already world famous sock brand.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 4.16.59 PM.png

Develop creative elements and consult on spatial design to create an atmosphere that projects the Happy Socks bold and cheerful aesthetic.

Translation: Use our knowledge in retail environmental branding to blow the socks off this campaign.


Mirror successfully created and branded the Happy Socks mobile pop-up store to help facilitate new brand awareness and share in the continued Happy Socks ‘fun’ retail experience.


Mirror was able to design, develop and produce spatial elements for the happy socks trade shows to mirror the experience one has while shopping in their retail environments.


We facilitated uniquely genuine experiences for Happy Socks customers, leaving long-lasting and memorable impressions that continue to keep them loyal and curious as to what comes next.

Translation: They keep coming back for more!