JET, a large online retailer, came to us to design, produce and install a new look for their Hoboken, New Jersey headquarters. They wanted something memorable to capture the spirit of their company and we were delighted to take on the challenge!

20150928_123301 copy.jpg

The Solution

Our team crafted a solution that helped to exude Jet's iconic purple brand color, with added playfulness and professionalism to create a memorable space for their employees and clients. We sourced materials in a variety of textures to create a unified look that also help varied and diverse. Taking a look back, here is our production crew hard at work installing our graphics!

2015-10-06 14.47.35.jpg


With much success, we produced a beautifully flushed out environmental design for Jet. Colorful walls, mixed with rich purples, and clean, modern office space lines all came together to create an experience that's memorable and unique.